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Tuning air rifles above 12 ftlbs

Most of the conventional .177, .20, and .22 spring piston rifles on the market today will generate between 10 -20 fpe of energy, with outliers in either direction. A few, especially the big .25 magnums can go considerably higher tracking up into the 30 fpe range.

. Place the stack of wet newspapers on the ground and fire a conventional pellet into the stack. Place a block of ballistic gelatin 10 meters from the air rifle muzzle and fire a conventional pellet into the gelatin block. Replace the first gelatin block with a fresh gelatin block and fire a PBA pellet into it.

Wire - 2.93mm. Outside Diameter - 21mm. Free length - 229mm. Coils - 23 approx. Replace your mainspring for your Air Arms TX200 Mk.III and Pro-Sport air rifles with this OEM part. Item Code: AAP-TX355 [PY-A-8682].

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Weihrauch HW99 S .22. £249.00. Add to Basket. Original Mod 35 .22 Pre-Owned Air Rifle. £250.00. Add to Basket. Gamo Maxxim Elite Swarm Tactical Multi Shot .177 With 3-9x40WR Scope. £289.00.

Just as I finished this piece, I’ve had a great message from Mark Denning, a club champion at Nottingham Rifle Club and he regularly shoots 100 yards-plus on their indoor.

Spring & Gas Piston. Spring Piston. Break Barrel. Up to 20 lbs Cocking Effort. 21-30 lbs Cocking Effort. 31-40 lbs Cocking Effort. 41-50 lbs Cocking Effort. 51-60 lbs Cocking Effort..

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